Three Twigs: biscuits + brunch, opening soon on the corner of Iles + chatham road!


We recommend at least seven days notice for Tuesday through Thursday cake orders and at least two weeks notice for Friday through Sunday cake orders, as we book up quickly.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT CAKE ORDERS WITH LESS THAN THE SEVEN DAY NOTICE! IF we have whole cakes for sale at the bakery, it would be on a first come first serve basis. . At this time, our cake demand is at a very high volume, so we are not offering anything outside of our menu. Below you will find our SET LIST of cake flavors. They are sold as listed with no substitutions. Thank you!

Cake Sizes + Prices

6" round


approximately 12 servings

traditional: $40

gluten + egg friendly: $45

8" round


approximately 22 servings 

traditional: $60

gluten + egg friendly: $65

10" round


approximately 32 servings

traditional: $80

gluten + egg friendly: $85